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Frequently asked questions about Makan For Hope festival:

1. What is Fei Yue Toast to 30?
2. What are the target donations for Makan For Hope Festival?
3. Why is Makan For Hope supporting Fei Yue Community Services?
4. Prior to this festival, how much has Makan For Hope as an organisation raised in total so far?


Commemorating three decades of working with the vulnerable and less fortunate in Singapore, the Fei Yue Toast to 30 Fundraiser is a massive online charity drive – Fei Yue’s first online foray into fundraising in its history – that aims to raise S$250,000 by the end of July to help over 1,500 beneficiaries through a combination of various exciting online and physical initiatives across the entertainment, F&B, and business sectors.


These activities include online movie passes and a charity premiere of the inspirational movie The Ride starring Ludacris at Capital Tower on the 16th of June, a charity online art auction that will run until the 13th of June, collaborations with 5 local social enterprises in the F&B space that are sure to pique any foodie’s interest, the Makan for Hope Festival and more.


“The pandemic has affected many to varying degrees, and the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities have felt the impact more than others. These groups include low-income families, seniors, and also children with special needs. The Fei Yue Toast to 30 fundraiser seeks to raise $250,000 for programmes that will help more than 1,500 beneficiaries including our Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) – targeted at enabling special needs children from low-income families through occupational and speech therapy – as well as Fei Yue’s Active Ageing Centres (AAC) for seniors. We are thankful to have supporting partners such as Makan for Hope whose contribution will go a long way towards making Singapore a stronger and more equitable society.”

Mr Leng Chin Fai, Executive Director of Fei Yue Community Services.

1. What is Fei Yue Toast to 30?

2. What are the target donations for the Makan for Hope Festival?

Our target is to raise S$125.000 via donations mainly by hosts and participants. We also have sponsors such as Vertex Ventures and Algorand Foundation and we also have a campaign page for hosts or sponsors or the public to make donations.

3. Why is Makan for Hope supporting Fei Yue Community Services?

As an initiative, Makan for Hope has supported other organisations such as Red Cross Singapore. We chose to support Fei Yue because it is a meaningful cause: the Occupational therapy and Speech Therapy for the children with special needs and from low income families are not subsidized and the costs can be hefty. Donations also go to support the emergency fund for these children as well as elderly from low income families -- which would have arisen as a need because of the heightened alert phase.

4. Prior to this Festival, how much has Makan for Hope as an organisation raised in total so far?

We typically donate 85%- 100% of our revenues to Charity and so far we have raised S$2,600 through our 9 events prior to the festival.

Last year, we launched a sister initiative called “Mentor For Hope” which raised $43,000 in donation for Beyond Social Services and Willing Hearts.

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