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Get Involved - Join us!

There are two ways in which you can be part of our movement - partner or volunteer and we’re delighted to have you on board. 

If you wish to donate, please refer to the list of charities that we support below

I'd like to

I'd like to

  • Over the Rainbow

For Healing and Thriving, we raised donations for Over The Rainbow (OTR), a charity started by Yen-Lu Chow. OTR empowers young people on their mental wellness journey via holistic self care and a supportive community – to overcome life challenges, live life with purpose and passion, and fulfil their life potential as human beings. Donate here


  • Beyond Social Services

Beyond is a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle. They provide guidance, care and resources that enable families and communities to keep their young people in school and out of trouble. ASN partnered Beyond this year for Futsal For Hope. Donate here


  • Fei Yue Community Services

In 2021, ASN organised Makan For Hope Festival and raised ~$123,000 (Thanks to your help!) for Fei Yue. Fei Yue is a multi-service social service organisation which provides help and offers services for the very young to the elderly. Donate here

Rare Disease Fund (RDF) is a charity fund that seeks to provide long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases requiring treatment with high cost medicines. The RDF is managed by the KKH Health Fund (KKHHF), which is part of the SingHealth Fund and supported by the Ministry of Health. In 2022, we raised donations for RDF. Donate here

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