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Women in Tech and Business intiatives

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At ASN/ MFH, we believe in empowering women.


We started a whatsapp group called Remarkable Women in Tech and Business

Join us here

Here are the initiatives we curated and we encourage you to join or support them!

If you have any question, please email elise(at) Thanks! 



Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (SCCCI) Career Women’s Group (CWG)

  • Networking platform for female professionals.

  • Organizes talks to educate women, business events with other international women’s networks, and provides networking opportunities.

  • Arranges international delegations for women to explore business opportunities in other countries while hosting women’s networks visiting Singapore.


She Loves Data

  • The Singapore-headquartered social enterprise inspires women to become active contributors in an increasingly data-driven world.

  • Organizes events and workshops that help more women become data-literate.

  • Provides mentorship, helps the development of soft skills, and offers plenty of networking opportunities.


WEConnect International

  • Opens doors to new business opportunities for female business owners.

  • Led by corporate members, it certifies firms in Singapore that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women.

  • Partners with corporations, associations, governments, and female entrepreneurs, and is part of a global certification network for women-owned enterprises.

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