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Fundraising tips from Pre-Seed to Series A

Updated: Apr 5

Having worked in Vertex Ventures, NUS Enterprise incubator, Accelerators (Somewhat-- Entrepreneur First) and venture capital, the questions I get alot is how do I go about fundraising for my company.

I used to organise fundraising workshop for SG Founder Slack members but I've gotten too busy. Here's sharing some of the important slides!

These slides cover:

  • When is the best time to raise money

  • What the Financing options are

  • Who to raise money from

  • The fundraising process

  • Where and How to find investors and successfully reach out to them for a meeting

  • How to increase your odds of fundraising

  • Common terms to know when fundraising

Click the image below to fill in a simple form and access the slides!

A few testimonials so far:

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