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We just had our 8th Run and Makan!

This year, Steffan Fung (founder of ELXR) joined forces with Asia Startup Network and we started Run and Makan sessions every Friday at 6pm. This is to bring together folks from Tech/Startup/Investments through sports :)

We had our 8th session yesterday!

Thanks for being part of our growing community of Tech/Startup/Investment folks who love to run/ hike/ cycle, network and makan :) We started on 17 Feb and now there are over 100 of us in the mailing list.

We did something crazy yesterday... We decided to sprint down next to the floating platform area - joined by folks who are tourists in casual clothes too!

Not sure if we will do it again but it was great run!

Hike and Makan

We also organised a Hike and Makan at Macritchie last Saturday due to the long Easter Weekend. We will organise another one again soon!

Thanks to 19 of you who joined us!

Run and Makan on Fridays

Know a friend who may want to join other folks from Tech/startup/investments? Please share this link with them.

Date: 21 April 2023, 6 pm

Venue: Raffles City Tower, Singapore

Sign up link:

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